Nettuno Teapot
Nettuno Teapot
Nettuno Teapot
Nettuno Teapot
Nettuno Teapot

Nettuno Teapot

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5.71 inch
max. 5.00 inch
 min. 4.88 inch
42.25 fl. oz.
1.98 pound

Porcelain teapot from the Il viaggio di Nettuno collection. A beautiful designer teapot in the elegant Luna shape, with a 1.2 liter capacity and decorated with two depictions of Arion, one of him riding a dolphin and holding his trademark zither and the other of him on a chariot drawn by four sea horses. Pair it with the collection's tea cups to create a gorgeous complete set to display among your décor and use it to enjoy a good hot tea during moments of relaxation. Il viaggio di Nettuno is a beautiful collection of tableware, tea and coffee sets and home décor items that our artisans have brought to life in porcelain by transposing the vibrant designs of artist Luke Edward Hall. The English designer has created for us all the beautiful decorations depicting Neptune and the other lively characters, marine elements and ornamental motifs. A fascinating design that speaks to his immense enthusiasm for Greco-Roman mythology in a modern language, bringing it into the present through an original selection of vibrant hues and colorful subjects. 

  • Designer: Luke Edward Hall
  • Made in Italy
  • Hand Decorated with Precious Metals
  • Dimensions: lt 1,2
  • Material: Porcelain

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