Set of 5 Mini Candles
Set of 5 Mini Candles
Set of 5 Mini Candles
Set of 5 Mini Candles

Set of 5 Mini Candles

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Set of 5 small designer scented candles with all the fragrances of the collection: Fox Thicket Folly, La Gazelle d’Or, Rajathra Palace, Rain Rock Creek e Palazzo Centauro. 

The body of each candle is made of pure porcelain and it is decorated with the respective pattern of the reference fragrances. Each candle weighs 2.46 oz with a burning time of approximately 12 hours. The set is composed by the following olfactory families:
-Fox Thicket Folly: WOODY , SMOKY
-La Gazelle d’Or: FLORAL , HERBAL 
-Rajathra Palace: FLORAL, SPICY 
-Rain Rock Creek: FOUGERE
-Palazzo Centauro:  WOODY, INCENSE 

Once the wax is finished, the porcelain bodies can be used as interior design accessories, pretty storage boxes and containers. Each candle is available in two other sizes, regular and large, for each of the five fragrances of the collection.

The set evokes the romantic atmospheres of the five fantastic places British designer Luke Edward Hall visited during his travels in the Cotswolds, Marrakech, Rajasthan, Big Sur and Venice

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