Totem Rabbit Box
Totem Rabbit Box
Totem Rabbit Box

Totem Rabbit Box

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3.94 inch
Max. 3.23 inch
 12.68 fl. oz.
11.22 oz

A pure porcelain design box embellished with a portrayal of a cute rabbit in a natural surround.

The rabbit in Chinese and Japanese culture is the fourth animal of the Zodiac. According to the most famous tale, the Yellow Emperor wanted to hold a celebration in his palace across the river, giving a place in the Zodiac to all the animals who could attend. The rabbit won the fourth among the twelve symbols, after fording the river by hopping on stones and a floating log. The same background that inspired us in making the decoration.

Delicate and lively like its protagonist, this container can make a great home decor item filled with delicious chocolates to unwrap during your free time.

Totem is a collection of home decor items that can be personalized with a word or dedication that most represents you. We like to think their warm and welcoming decorations will make you feel more and more at home each time.

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