White Rabbit Vide Poche
White Rabbit Vide Poche
White Rabbit Vide Poche
White Rabbit Vide Poche

White Rabbit Vide Poche

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1.38 inch
6.85 inch
13.93 oz

A round vide poche made of fine porcelain that takes inside a small white rabbit surrounded by a portrayal of a natural environment.

The decorative theme of the rabbit recalls traditional tales from Chinese and Japanese Eastern culture. The most famous narrative about the origin of the twelve signs of the Zodiac tells us that the Yellow Emperor held a celebration in his palace, dedicating one to all the animals who were able to be present. The rabbit, faster than the others, won fourth place among the twelve symbols of the Zodiac, fording the river that separated him from the palace by hopping on stones and a floating log. It was the same setting that inspired us to create the decoration.

As delicate and lively as its protagonist, this vide poche can find a place among the furniture of an interior, in a bedroom, perfect for storing your daily objects.

Totem is a collection of home decor porcelains that can be personalized with a word, or a phrase dear to you. Brightly colored, Totem objects help make interiors cozier and, above all, more intimate, making a statement by bonding with the animal you feel most closely aligned with your personality. 

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